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Wordplay Song for Canada Day: This Land Has Anagrams

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ORIGINAL SONG: "This Land Is My Land" 1956, The Travellers, with Canadian lyrics adapted from Woody Guthrie's 1940 American-based protest song.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, June 2017.
WORDPLAY LINKS: The "imaginary Canadian place-names" derived from anagrams are found in 2 collections of Scramble-Town Maps on our sister-blog "Giorgio's Weekly Wordplay"  - "Real and Funky vs Imaginary Names" ... 
   for Atlantic Canada, post #56
   for Western Canada, post #58 
ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Steve McNie, at, for guidance in chordcharts. Check out the TU songbook for his charts on "This Land Is My Land" (Canadian version), and his cyclist's parody-song "This Lane is My Lane". 

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Background Considerations

"The Rock" is a nickname for Newfoundland.

A synthesis of these factors leads to this cartographic formulation, which can't help but invoke a parody-song ... 

The Original Song (Canadian version)


(to the tune of "This Land Is My Land"). 

Alternate title:  "OUTLANDISH NERDPLAY"

Performing suggestion: Get some of the ensemble to call out the 2-letter abbreviations (distinguished by larger-sized font) for the town-names in each version of the "Chorus" .


If you enjoyed the wordplay involved in these song lyrics, you can find further examples posted on our sister blog, "Giorgio's Weekly Wordplay", as exemplified here.  

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