Monday, 9 December 2013

Canuck Nostalgia: Cedarvale Reunion

ORIGINAL SONG:  "The Maple Leaf Forever", by Alexander Muir
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, September 2013.

KEYWORDS:  Canadian, history, classicsong



Grade 8 classes
Cedarvale Public School, 1958

You can  view these lyrics and commentary (without images or chords)  displayed on a parody-lyrics website at Post "Canadian Reunion". You can also find chord-charts and lyrics at the Corktown Ukulele Jam songbook: Corktunes: Canadian Reunion


(to the tune of "The Maple Leaf Forever")

While young and frail at Cedarvale
Our mentors led a stirring song;
It eulogized forefathers’ feats,
Didn’t help us to belong,

As baby-boomers, second-gen,
Our homes like cookie-cutters;
It taught us patriot's sentiments
Dismissed those of our mothers.


In days less pure, the clan named Muir
Brought young Alex to these shores
He breathed old T.O.s Orangemans air,
Worked with skill his teaching chores

He honored shamrock, thistle, rose,
Tall trees, and roots with Britain;
And second-prized our Founding Year(1)
A songsmiths competition.

No copyright, no fleur-de-lys;
Of insight only traces - 
His Maple Leaf excluded half
Our countrys founding races.
On days of pomp, when bands would romp
From Lakes to FroBay and Sea to Sea,
The trick was to pick God Save the Queen
From My Country Tis Of Thee.

The music-sheets for these two treats
Seemed equal when you scanned them;
Wed need decide in love and pride
The True Norths nati'nal anthem. 
Untwine the Line at Forty-Nine,
Les Ricains(2) might endeavour;
Could we that fragile Line define
With Maple Leaf Forever ?

Though regments touted it their tune,
And Anglo journals ranted,
Decades ago, O Canada”
Muirs time-worn chant supplanted.


Five decades late, we congregate
Our Grade Eight class remembered  
No “Maple” hymn heard in the gym  - 
The song’s appeal now severed (3).

(1) 1867, year of Canadian confederation; 
(2) slang, short for les Américains;
(3) an ancient maple, that presumably had inspired Muir’s lyrics, was destroyed by a storm in July 2013.


While [F] young and frail at [Bb] Cedar[F]vale
Our [C] mentors [G7] led  a [C] stir[G7]ring [C] song;
[C7] It [F] eulogized fore[Dm]fathers’ [Bb] feats,
Didn’t [G] help us [G7] to be[C]long, [C7]
As [F] baby-boomers, [Bb] second-[F]-gen,
Our [Bb] homes like  cookie-[C]-cutters [C7]
It [F] taught us patriot's [Bb] senti[F]ments
Dis[Bb]missed those [F] of our [C] mo[F]thers.  

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