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A Rob Ford Mayoral Procession: "Suburbs' Guy"

Hallowe'en reveller, 2013
Dominion-on-Queen Tavern
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ORIGINAL SONG: "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" , Hank Williams
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, October 2013. Click here to see a photo of the song being performed at a ukulele jam.

KEYWORDS: Politicalsatire, classicsong

Additional Note May, 2014. This parody-song was written in October 2013, and posted on this site in November. However, in view of all the current noise on this topic, it may warrant another look.     

Sunday Radio Show, in progress


(to the tune of "Jambalaya")

Yo T.O! radio show! - it’s your Mayor.
I’m on air with Councillor-frère and some taxpayers,
Pitching woo to voters who live near the ‘9-0-’,
Itch to stretch pet subway ditch out to Scarborough.

Fairly large, fun bein’ in charge, no burden heavy;
While I’m munching, number-crunchers hunt out ‘Gravy’;
Cancel fees, tax-rate freeze, void ‘Commie’ ‘s surplus,
Small ‘c’ - conserve, big ‘C’ – condemn essential service.

Drill end-runs, petty funds, coach team-students;
Ref-provincial thinks ethical imprudence.
Parents miffed, poor kids dissed, sidelined Mayor,
Nearly burned – overturned!! (coach on waivers)

Yo T.O ! back on board, Ford Nation's Mayor,
Still on air with Dougie there and fake taxpayers;
Ombudsman’s ‘Nay’ ? – friends’ job-favors my nature,
Threat’n her post, thumb my nose at Legislature.

Comic Walsh caused a splash with TV crew,
Invade 'Burbs, parked by curb, attack-interview;
9-1-1, hoped fuzz come and gonn’ snatch her,
Speech bit slurred, hurled f-word at dispatcher.

Public-stoned, driving-phoned, don’t want chauffeur,
Fracas with a bad-ass streetcar operator.
Retinue, there’s a few drug-scene players,
They’re indebted, ref’rence letters: Office - Mayor’s.

Star, Post, Globe spy and probe – Canadian capers,
‘Let them sue me’ – I’m abused by nati’nal Papers;
Just deny damning DUI in Miami -oh
Pressing prob’ - probably some slob shot a video.

But…… Hello Folks, mellow with tokes or martini,
Nay-sayers can’t so easily outsmart me –
Gawker outbid, world got rid of what’s hid -eeoh
Bright son-of-a-gun might’ve connived to buy the video.

Suburbs’ Guy, stuffed with pie, shirt-size jumbo,
Bigger-’n-life, spare no strife, mode crafty-dumb -oh
Sometimes high out o’ camera’s eye, sitting pretty -oh
Might’ve connived and tried t’ hide that crack-pipe video
Someone my size likely devised t’ buy that video.

Performing Notes

Enjoy chord-charts and lyrics at the Corktown Ukulele Jam songbook at:  
Corktunes: Suburbs' Guy
To play the original song- Jambalaya, check out Corktunes, the songbook of the Corktown Ukulele Jam here
A highly recommended parody-song on this topic is found at: video of B.MacC.'s Rob Ford parody

You can improve control of the resonance by playing up the neck with these voicings  C = 5433;  G = 4232;  G7 = 4532

Yo T.[C] O ! radio show - it’s your [G] Mayor.
I’m on air with Councillor-[G7]-frère and some tax[C]payers,
Pitching woo to voters who live near the [G] ‘9-0-’,
Itch to stretch pet subway [G7] ditch out to [C] Scarborough.


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Rise to vote, sir.

Elect, Cele

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No Rob on ten-alp planet No-Boron.

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