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ORIGINAL SONG: "Heart of Gold" 1971, written and recorded by legendary Canadian songwriter-performer Neil Young.
For those interested, the original song is shown in ukulele-friendly form at the bottom of the post. BTW, if you play guitar or some other stringed instrument, it should be easy to transpose these charts to the key of your choice (or send me a note in the Comments section). 

PARODY COMPOSED:  Giorgio Coniglio, February 2019 (a sequel of 2 verses was added to the original concoction later in the month).

Further details re the song's subject and his relationship with the narrator can be found at...
(i) a biographic Wikipedia article, "Roger Stone",
(ii) a news article about Stone's unusual behaviour following his indictment by the Mueller investigation on multiple charges, and 
(iii) an article about the highly-praised 2017 Netflix film "Get Me Roger Stone" that documents Stone's longterm role as advisor to Donald Trump. 

(to the tune of "Heart of Gold"  by Neil Young) 

A foppish slickster,  a dirty trickster,
He’s worked with Manafort and ‘Tricky Dick’,
Deceptive tactics he knows to pick, sir
That keeps me seekin’ help from Roger Stone --
Get him on the phone.

That keeps me seekin’ help from Roger Stone,
Get him on the phone!

He is a slick son-xxx, let’s get him quick son,
He’s out-maneuvered jerks at Wiki Leaks.      
A touch of Lucifer, he speaks with Guccifer*.
We’ll trash the Clintons using Roger Stone --
Get him on the phone.

I like to seek advice from Roger Stone,
Get him on the phone!

I need to seek advice from Roger Stone.
A dirty trickster with a heart of stone.
Keep Special Counsel far from Roger Stone.
I’m in deep doodoo, get me Roger Stone.

*  Guccifer 2.0 is an online persona, that, according to U.S. documents of indictment, is operated by Russian millitary intelligence. In July 2016, 'Guccifer' claimed responsibility for hacking into emails of the U.S. Democratic National Committee, and releasing them to the media and to the website 'WikiLeaks'. 
Lucifer, Latin name for the morning star Venus, is treated in early Christian terminology as a synonym for Satan.  


His prospects sagged, judge has him gagged,
That gassy windbag, now he's on his own.
I barely knew him, best to eschew him.
Perhaps I'll later pardon Roger Stone--
Now, he's on his own.

|The Mueller Probe indicted Roger Stone.
I'll pardon later, but for now, disown.|   repeat and fade.

UKULELE-FRIENDLY FORMAT (and guitar, mandolin, banjo etc., too!)

(Click on any chord-chart slide to move to 'song-presentation mode'; then navigate through thumbnails at bottom of page.)

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(Click on any verse-box slide to enlarge and proceed through the thumbnail mode to review the original and parody verses.)

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