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Singable Limerick-Medley #6: DELIGHTS OF THE GARDEN

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Sago palms growing in a
shady sea-island front garden
ORIGINAL SONG: These verses can be sung to  "The Limerick Song", as in "The Flea and the Fly". See sactoGranny's recording on YouTube here.
ORIGINAL LIMERICK VERSES: Many of the verses have been published at the OEDILF website (the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form) by Giorgio Coniglio, 2016-2917. The OEDILF identifying number (#), the "defined word", and the Author's Note accompanying the poem, where relevant, are shown beneath the chord-chart slide.

KEYWORDS: wordplay, poetry, traditional, retirement

1. The Charleston Garden (Loutrel Briggs)
2. Creeping Fig
3. Crepe Myrtle
4. Tractor-Seat Plant 
5. Japanese Yew
6. Gazebos
7. Norway Maple
8. Eastern Moles
9. The Sago 'Palm', Cycas revoluta 


(To the tune of "The Limerick Song". Display of the lyrics has been condensed to 4 lines for each verse, with internal rhyming in line 3, rather than the more customary 5-line limerick format.)

1. In peninsular Charleston you'll find
Gardens terraced with brick walls fig-vined
(Hosts will boast, "Nothing finer -- Loutrel Briggs, the designer."),
Where refined folks recline and unwind.

2. Creeping fig, also known as fig vine
Finds direct Southern sun is like fryin'.
Near a door , shaded brick -- A few plants cover quick(ly).
Finely trim for intriguing design. 

3. The robust Asian transplant Crepe Myrt-
le's blooms beautify palace or yurt.
If you feel you must prune, 'Not severe, not in June!'
With 'crepe murder' these hardy trees hurt.

4. It's my fantasy: tractor seat plants --
Where I perch in my workshirt and pants.
How far-fetched! But Farfugium (Dark leaves, seat-shaped, huge-um)
Should shady bare gardens enhance. 

5. We've two homes hedged by 'Japanese yew'
Where it's crucial to shade neighbours' view.
Searched the South, and twigged, sharp us, to the lush Podocarpus,
For the North, common Taxus will do.  

6. To Victorian charms of gazebos:
Watch the belles, snatch a snooze, c'est la vie, beaus
Belvedere or rotunda, peaked roof, shelter under --
They're like balms for life's qualms, not placebos. 

7. I'm a deep-urban gardener who learns
Rather slowly, that most plantlife spurns
O'erhead A. platanoides. Your sets get destroyed;
Few survive, but the thrivers are ferns.

9. No dispute! Not a palm: that name's specious.
It's a Cycas, a genus dioecious.
Males can boast of their stalks, like newscasters on Fox --
Revoluta, 'curved back'. (That's facetious.)
   Foliage cool with its deep dark green frond,
Growing happy on sand or near pond;
Semi-tropical treat that your pets shouldn't eat.
Call vet stat if they get overfond.


Learn more about gardening aspects of the sago palm here

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