Monday, 10 October 2016

Singable Limerick-Medley #2: In the Shadow of the Sankaty Head Light

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SINGABLE LIMERICKS inspired by the classic Nantucket limerick (see below)  
Sankaty Head Light
Nantucket, Massachusetts
photo: denimadept
ORIGINAL SONG: These verses can be sung to "The Limerick Song", as in "The Flea and the Fly". See sactoGranny's recording on YouTube here.
ORIGINAL LIMERICK VERSE: The iconic first verse first appeared in the Princeton Tiger in 1902. Subsequently, further verses have appeared extending the story of the old man's bucket of cash.
PARODY COMPOSED: The limerick verses by Giorgio Coniglio have been web-published as indicated at the OEDILF website (the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form).
Musical collage by Giorgio Coniglio, October 2016.
1. Classic Clean Nantucket Limerick
2. Cape Cod Codger
3. Dale, the Bay Stater
4. Old Flynn
5. Parent of Wild Child
6. Chuck, the Canuck
7. Poet from Nanaimo
8. Older Man from Nanking
9. The Moeurs of Nantucket

The Sankaty Head Light is a symbol of the island of Nantucket, MA. As the classic limerick verses provide inspiration to limericists, OEDILF uses the logo shown here. This major work-in-progress meticulously edits the original contributions of hundreds of authors, and now covers the alphabet from A to Ge, with over 96,000 limericks dedicated to word definition and entertainment. Completion of the dictionary is estimated to require at least 3 more decades. Learn more about this unusual limerick-dictionary at Wikipedia. 

KEYWORDS: wordplay, poetry, traditional


(sung to the standard "Limerick Song

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