Friday, 15 July 2016

Singable Limerick-Medley #1: Canada Day 2016.

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PARODY-SONG with GUEST ARTISTS (various authors contributing limerick verses)
ORIGINAL SONG: These verses can be sung to  "The Limerick Song" , as in "The Flea and the Fly". See sactoGranny's recording on YouTube here.
PARODY COMPOSED: Contributions by a number of authors. Edited by Giorgio Coniglio, June, 2016.

sactoGranny, singing
good, clean limericks
KEYWORDS: wordplay, poetry, traditional, Canadian

1. INTRO: Confederation
2. British Columbia
3. Alberta
4. Saskatchewan
5. Manitoba
6. Ontario
7. Quebec
8. New Brunswick
9. Prince Edward Island
10. Nova Scotia
11. Newfoundland
12. Nunavut
13. NWT
14. The Yukon



(to the tune of "The Limerick Song")

 To make the limericks look more like singable verse, lines 3 and 4 of the traditional 5-line format are compressed so that a four-line stanza with an internal rhyme in the third line results. Original lyrics by G.C. are noted here:

2. New to British Columbia? Rain
Won't extinguish the anguish and strain.
Frequent downpours and drizzle cause incentive to fizzle.
Cherish sunny climes" Get on a plane.

8. For your ode to the spell of New Brunswick
It bodes well that you threw in some puns, Rick;
For the Tidal Bore run daily spews through Moncton,
And the fine view of Fredricton stuns, Rick.

10. Those who cross to petite P.E. Island
Would concur there's no way it's a dry land;
Its calm temperate seas host some great seafood sprees:
Sunday church-dinner, lobster and pie land. 

14. Kim Jong Un, please don't dare drop a nuke on
That magical place called 'The Yukon'.
Visit soon, bring kimchee; our soil's rocky, you'll see,
And so cold that you can't grow a cuke on. 

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