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Geriatric Clinic#2: Still Under My Own Steam

POST #112
PARODY-LYRICS, a reprise - see post #35
ORIGINAL SONG: "I've Been Everywhere", by Lucky Starr, covered by Hank Snow, Johnny Cash et al. 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, June 2013; further verses added December 2015.

KEYWORDS: goldenoldy, medical  

  This song is dedicated to the memory of my father. Apart from a fierce determination to retain independent mobility, he was a highly responsible family man and bore little resemblance to the footloose and perhaps rascally hero of this piece. He was however an ardent admirer of rhyming patter, and would likely have enjoyed this song.

  You can view the lyrics and commentary (without images or chords) displayed on a parody-lyrics website at Post "Under My Own Steam"


(to the tune of "I've Been Everywhere")

A couple o' [C] years went by, and I landed back in town
There'd been some friendly people working there, so I thought I'd mosey down;
I found [F] another nice person, the Geriatric resident.
She said, [C] "Take your time, Pops", and so I thought that I could vent;
I [G] told her that this time she'd need take more extensive notes
'Cause I'd left [C] out a lot ot ways that I got 'round to sow my oats.

[C] I’ve gone every way, doc
Traveling is my play, doc  
[F] Need to get around, doc   
[C] ‘Til I’m in the ground, doc
I’ve [G] lived out my own dream, doc
[Csus4] Under my own [C] steam.
I’ve [C] swayed sashayed, ricocheted, ambled gambolled, rambled scrambled, 

Trekked meandered, tramped traversed, roamed and wandered, shuffled shambled,
[F] Strolled patrolled, promenaded, marched and sauntered, strutted swaggered, 
[C] Vacillated, drifted wavered, faltered halted, stumbled staggered,   
[G] Lurked and skirted, sneaked and slunk, vamoosed cowered, skipped skedaddled,
[C] Fled absconded, disappeared, undulated, tailed and shadowed.


I've [C] danced pranced, waltzed and balanced, jogged advanced and ants-in-pantsed,
Reeled gyrated, posed paraded, demonstrated, held-my-stance,
[F] Lumbered rhumba-ed, blundered scuttled, stowed squatted, plunged marauded,
[C] Pitched yawed, soared floated, bounded teetered, padded trod,
[G] Hastened braked, decelerated, dragged lugged, barged and dredged,
[C]Pursued escaped, hunted shunted, zigzagged bee-lined, rounded edged.

I’ve gone every way, doc
Traveling is my play, doc  
Need to get around, doc   
Til I’m in the ground, doc
I’ve lived out my own dream, doc
Under my own steam .

Crept and scooted, wobbled toddled, tiptoed frolicked, jived cavorted,
Pussyfooted, hopped and bounced, bellyflopped, dived escorted,
Glided slid, skidded skied, schussed toboganned, sledded slipped,
Stamped slogged, plodded dodged, limped hobbled, trudged and tripped,
Skated waded, deviated, pirouetted, navigated, 
In memoriam, N.H.
Circulated, ambulated, dawdled doddered, terminated.

I’ve gone every way, doc
Made it every day, doc  
Deserted, seldom stayed, doc   
Breezed past, mosied, strayed, doc
I’ve lived out my own dream, doc
Under my own steam.   

Under my own steam! 

Performing Notes

I like doing this song with progressive key changes, as in the Lucky Starr versions of the song; or if you like you can keep it simple like Johnny Cash did, and leave it all in the key of C.

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