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James Taylor Sings "Nessun Dorma"

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ORIGINAL SONG#1(music)"Mexico", James Taylor, 1975.
ORIGINAL SONG#2(lyrics): "Nessun Dorma", aria from the 3rd act of "Turandot" composed by Giacomo Puccini, first performed after his death in 1926. Translation of the libretto can be found on the Wikipedia link.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, September 2015.

KEYWORDS: goldenoldy, classicsong, opera,  language, palindromes

Singing along with the famous arias brings the crowd out to the opera. You don’t have to know much Italian to understand the libretto here; ‘ciao’ pronounced like ‘chow’ means ‘so long’. As the mythical princess-character was reinvented by a French author, her name is usually pronounced French-style with the final ‘t’ silent.   


(to the tune of "Mexico")

Way up here, opera season’s in gear
Tickets craved for ‘Nessun Dorma’ this year
To download – credit-card and name – Baby James.

Wow, “Turandot”!
Sounds so moving, I must see that show
Or “TuranDOTT” – some folks thought Giacomo*
Said that before he said ‘ciao’.

French and German version of a Persian tale
‘Bout a Princess of China who detested all males
Empathize with hero who’s beheaded if fails.

Wow, TuranDOTT!
Rang the gong, and her three riddles I got
Kept my head but the next risk is the same
I’ll die if she finds out my name.

'Nessun dorma' means that no one should sleep
Not even the Princess who’s a sadistic creep
Secret hid within me; if divulged, price is steep.

Wow! Turandot!
Might lose my life when the glaring sun shows
Or get a wife; I could still win this game,
If no-one knows my name.

Vanish, o night! set stars, give me hope.
The folks back home must think I’m smoking some dope
She’ll get a long kiss, end the silence, name on her lips.

Wow! The princess Turandot
Must be quite a beauty, but I don’t really know
And oh-oh-oh-oh! Turandot
To close I’ll sing, ‘Vincerò’.  ** (riff on last line of aria)

Wow! “Turandot”!
A Puccini opera that I don’t really know
Oh, “Turandot”
I guess I’ll have to go now.

Talking ‘bout “Turandot”    
(Big ol’ op’ra-house playin’ “Turandot”)...  fade

Giacomo Puccini, composer, died in 1924 before he had quite completed the opera “Turandot”. The aria “Nessun Dorma” in the third act is the best-known piece of music in this work.
** Vincerò (Italian) I will win; repeated x 3 as last words of the famous aria.

Performing Notes

F* = 5558; C* = 9787; these *chords are used for colour in the brief moment where the theme from the aria asserts itself. (I wish I could sing like Pavarotti!)

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