Friday, 21 November 2014

The Climate-Cynic's Song (Planet's Roasting Can be Set Aside)

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This blogpost is dedicated to M.H., with best holiday wishes, December 2017.

ORIGINAL SONG: "The Christmas Song" written by Wells and Torme 1944; recorded by the Nat King Cole Trio 1946.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, November, 2014.

KEYWORDS: classicsong, environment, seasonal

(Planet's Roasting Can Be Set Aside)

(to the tune of "The Christmas Song")  

Planet’s roasting can be set aside.
Al Gore’s nightmare can’t unfold -
Records dropping, roads closed, bursting pipes
And six-foot drifts in Buffalo ...   Armchair  experts

 --- doubt outliers like some melting floes
Help predict our global fate.
Tiny dots graphing century lows
- Warm some years, but it’s not too late.

We know that Sa-anta’s on his way;    
If he brings shorter winters here - more time to play!
I’ll ditch my snowboots, yet retire in my town,
‘Cause rising seas may make South Florida drown.

And so I send November sympathies,
Where Christmas came too soon this year -
Although it’s been said many times many ways,
Glad it didn’t,  glad it didn’t,
Glad it didn’t hap - pen here.

Performing Notes

A few less common chords here, but they sound beautiful.
Bm7 = 2222; C#m7 = 4444
Em7 = 1010; C#7 =1112 
Dm6 = 2212; D#m7 = 3324
C#M7 = 1113; CM7 = 0002
A9= 0102; DM7 = 2224
Fdim7 = 1212; G#7 = 1323
AM7 = 1100; F#7sus = 6677

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