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Guest-Parody Artist: Shermanian Variations

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ORIGINAL SONG#1: "Funiculì, Funiculà" Music - L. Denza, Lyrics -  P.Turco, composed for the opening of the Vesuvius funicular 1880. 
PARODY #1 COMPOSED: Allan Sherman , 1964 (minor modifications by G.C.)
With this offering you can sing this old enchanting melody with hilarious parody lyrics by Sherman. See also other posts in this blog, "Ukulelì, Ukulelà", G.C.'s spoof of the original song, and "My Tenor Uke", G.C.'s spoof of camp-song simplifications  e.g. "My Tall Silk Hat".  
ORIGINAL SONG#2: The Mexican Hat Dance , traditional Mexican theme, no previous lyrics
PARODY #2 COMPOSED: Allan Sherman , 19?? 

KEYWORDS: classicparody, traditional, classicsong, multicultural


 (lyrics by Allan Sherman to the tune of  Funiculì, Funiculà") 
Allan Sherman, in a TV role

Co[F]lumbus was a nice Italian fella;
He [C] had no [F] boats. He [C] need some [F] boats.
He's a-[F]fool around with Queen Isabella;
She [C] hadda three [F] boats; they [C] all would a-[F] float. 
 The [Am] Queen she [E7] said, "Co[Am]lumbus [E7] pootchy-[Am]wootchy, 
If [E7] you should [Am] land in [E7] some new [Am] land, 
Please [C] name it [G] for A[C]meri[G]go Ves[C]pucci,  
'Cause [G] he's a [C] nice I[G7]talian [C] man." 

[C7] Nina, Pinta and-a Ste-Marie,
Fourteen ninety-two they sailed the [F] sea,
They found the [A] land, and it was [Dm] grand,
And then Co[A]lumbus he's pro[Dm]claim,
     Bb                       F              C7                F 
"I [Bb] call this land A[F]merica, a [C7] nice Italian [F] name."
(And [Bb] that's-a why A[F]merica's a [C7] nice Italian [F] name.) 

Columbus and Queen Isabella, 1910 film

The Original: Funiculì, Funiculà

If you prefer, you can use the following lines to sing along in the same key with the YouTube videos of Pavarotti and Bocelli. In order to pronounce  the lyrics: ignore the double consonants, pronounce the "j" as y, "(c)ch" as ck, but "ce" or ci" like church; swallow syllables that get in your way. Slightly differing versions of Turco's Neapolitan lyrics and of the translations are found at Wikipedia and at Vesuvioinrete, Vesuvius-gateway. Enjoy !!!


Aieressera, oi Nanninè, me ne sagliette,
      C           F          C           F   
Tu saie addò, tu saie addò
Addò 'stu core 'ngrato cchiu dispietto
      C             F
Farme nun pò ! x2
      Am    E7      Am     E7      Am
Addò lo fuoco coce, ma si fuie
      E7        Am
Te lassa sta ! x2
    C          G                  C       G           G     
E nun te corre appriesso, nun te struie, 
      G              C       G7             C
Sulo a guardà,  Sulo a guardà, !

Jammo, jammo, 'ncoppa jammo jà,
Jammo, jammo, 'ncoppa jammo jà,
            A             Dm
Funiculì, funiculà x2
Bb                         F
‘ncoppa jammo jà,
            C7            F 
Funiculì, funiculà.
Nè…. Jammo da la terra a la montagna!
       C            F
No passo n'ce ! x2
Se vede Francia, Proceta e la Spagna….
     C            F
Io veco a tte ! x2
    Am  E7        Am      E7       Am   
Tirato con la fune, ditto 'nfatto,
     E7         Am 
'ncielo se va x2 …
      C               G       C              G         C
Se va comm' 'à lu viento a l’intrasatto,
           G         C 
Guè, saglie sà x2

Se n’è sagliuta, oi Nè, se n’è sagliuta,
      C          F
La capa già,  x2
È gghiuta, pò è turnata, pò è venuta,
       C              F
Sta sempe ccà ! x2
      Am    E7     Am         E7              Am
La capa vota, vota, attuorno, attuorno,
      E7            Am  
Attuorno a tte !  x2
       C       G        C           G        C
Sto core canta sempe nu taluorno
          G              C
Sposammo oi Nè !  x2



(to the traditional Mexican tune)

traditional Jarabe Tapatio

Oh! A[C]mericans  dance on the dance-floor
And the Spaniards they dance on a [G7] table
And the Russians, they dance on a saber
But the Mexicans dance on their [C] hats.

 Oh! they [C] dance on hot coals in Calcutta
In Wisconsin they dance on fresh [G7] butta
Which they squeeze from one cow or a[G7]nutta
  Yes, the Mexicans dance on their [C] hats.

There are [G7] Mexicans dancing on [C] derbies
There are [G7] Mexicans dancing on [C] caps
They just [G7] throw their fedoras
Where[C]ever the floor is, 
 And [D7] start doing horas and [G7] taps.

They won't [G7] quit! They go on!
It's a Mexican custom
To take hats and bust'em
By [D7] doing a dance thereup[G7]on.

There's a [G7] fellow in West Aca[C]pulco
The most [G7] elegant man you could [C] meet
He does [G7] sambas on hombergs
To [C] tunes of Sig Romberg's, 
And [D7] sometimes the Nutcracker [G7] Suite.

So take [G7] care! So beware!
Or they'll put castanets on, 
And ruin your Stetson
'Cause [D7] they all think they're Fred A[G7]staire.

If you're [C] ever in Mexico proper
And you're wearing a straw hat or [G7] topper
When the band starts to ply call a copper,
'Cause by now you should know
That they'll grab your chapeau
And they'll stomp 'til it's flat
And that's that!
That's what [D7] Mexicans [G7] do on your [C] hat 
 [G7] O[C]lé !

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