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Thanks to Tom Lehrer#2: The Uniqueness of 'Nuclear'

Presidents Carter and Bush
POST #19
ORIGINAL SONG:  "The Elements", Tom Lehrer 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, October 2013.

KEYWORDS: goldenoldy, language, medical

You can view these lyrics and commentary (without images or chords)  displayed on a parody-lyrics website at Post "Of Residents and Presidents"


(to the tune of "The Elements")

Singable Introduction:

There was a swarm of parodists who pounced straight for the jugular;
They satirized a Pres whose speech was smug yet sometimes struggular;
Disdain for George the Son, less blame for James from Plains in evidence;
They pegged the mis-spoke Nucular the catchword of the Presidents.

I toiled for several decades in the Section known as Nuclear;
Though now fairly famili-ar, I still find it peculi-ar
That highly educated voices, palatal and uvular
Would schedule tests, requests infested with the mis-spoke NUCULAR.

Tom Lehrer, parodist


There's popular and insular and regular, oracular
Cuticular, vehicular, vesicular, vernacular
And tabular and tubular and muscular and modular
And cellular and singular and circular and nodular.

There's fibular, follicular, and pustular and jocular 
Vestibular and valvular, auricular and ocular
And vascular, crepuscular and titular, testicular
Peninsular, peduncular, avuncular, particular.

Triangular, corpuscular, spectacular and annular,
Articular and angular, glomerular and granular,
And glandular and scapular and spicular and globular
Molecular, trabecular, lenticular and lobular. 

And endless adjectival terms in Med'cine and Biology
With current usage driven by their Latin deriv-ology,
Like saccular and secular and ovular, fascicular
Reticular, radicular, furuncular, funicular.

So, clearly there's no stimulus for apparatus cochlear,
That simulates the sound unique of proper-spoken Nuclear.

Playing Notes: 

You can play/sing Tom Lehrer's original patter-song, The Elements,  by checking  ouCorktunes, the songbook of the Corktown Ukulele Jam here.  The chord-charts have the alternate-line superscript format that many ukers find preferable.
Lehrer had adapted the melody from "The Major General's Song" from Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance". There are 3 somewhat different melodies/chord-sequences used in alteration through the GandS song, and in Lehrer's derived take-off.

My suggestion for the first 3 verses of the patter-list portion of this parody are shown here, but adapt them as you like! Incidentally, the Eb7 chord may look formidable to some - just use the barred version of D7 one fret higher, than slide back for the D7 that follows!

There’s [G]popular and insular and regular, oracular 
Cu[D7]ticular, vehicular, vesicular, vernacular
And [G] tabular and tubular and muscular and modular
And [D] cellular and singular and [A7] circular and [D] nodular.
There’s [D7] fibular, follicular, and pustular and [Gm] jocular
Ves[F7]tibular and valvular, auricular and [Bb] ocular
And [D7] vascular, crepuscular and titular, tes[Gm]ticular
Pen[Eb7]insular, peduncular, avuncular, par[D7]ticular 

Tri[G]angular, corpuscular, spectacular and annular,
Art[D7]icular and angular, glomerular and granular, 
And[G] glandular, and [D7]scapular, and [G] spicular, and [D7] globular 
Mo[G]lecular, tra[C]becular, len[G]ticu[D7]lar, and [G] lobular.

The 2-line coda concluding the song works the same as the last half of the 3rd verse.


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